Classic Car Storage Solutions throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey

Here at Classic Concierge we understand your needs when it comes to storing your classic car. Security will be high on your agenda, a storage facility that can handle all weather conditions, a team of experts that are friendly and professional and lastly a fee that is affordable and good value for money.

Our classic and sports car storage service is all of the above and more. Whether you have a vintage car or a prestige car that you want stored professionally, our friendly team of experts are here to help so why not call today on 07974 333 789 to find out more.

Storage Preparation & Process

Each vehicle is carefully checked and prepared for storage on arrival

  • Condition recorded and photographed and report supplied
  • Engine fluid levels checked
  • Battery health check carried out
  • Carefully cleaned and Hand washed, bodywork and interior, dried and vacuumed
  • Tyre pressures increased to storage level to prevent tyre de forming or flat spotting
  • Vehicle fully air dried prior to storing
  • Brakes cleaned and applied to remove surface flash contaminates
  • Vehicle parked in its storage bay position
  • Drip tray positioned under engine bay to monitor any fluid leaks
  • CTEK battery conditioner connected
  • Soft, breathable indoor luxury cover applied
  • Customer updated by email that the process is complete



Ongoing In Storage Management

Every vehicle is cared for to the very highest of standards whilst its with us

  • Our facility is checked on a daily basis for security and operating standards
  • Dehumidifiers checked and humidity readings recorded from multiple sensors
  • Daily visual walk around of all vehicles
  • Weekly inspection of drip trays and battery conditioner
  • Fortnightly movement and roll of vehicle
  • Monthly start up and warm up cycle
  • Bi monthly fluids and pressure checks

Road ready post storage

When you are ready and want to use your car we will ensure your car prepared and road ready.

  • MOT & Road tax status checked
  • Battery, lights and horn checked
  • Fluid levels checked
  • Tyre pressures set back to driving levels and tyres checked
  • Any in storage works requested completed & checked
  • Audio system checked
  • Exterior & Interior finish refreshed
  • Quality inspection check carried out
  • Delivery service available if required


Every vehicle placed into our care is given the same high level of attention regardless of vehicle make and value. Our approach is to look after each of them as carefully, meticulously and to the same high standard as if they where our very own pride and joy.

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